Further informations about Winding the watch, crown positions and watches with date indication (4 positions)

Your HEINRICH watch is equipped with a screw-in
crown that keeps your watch water resistant
at depths up to 200 meters/660 feet.
Please make sure the screw-in crown isscrewed down before submerging your watch in water.
Your watch is equipped with an
automatic (self-winding) movement that is wound by the normal movement of your wrist.
Before you wear your Heinrich watch
for the first time (or after a long period of not wearing your watch), you will need to manually wind it to get it started.

IMPORTANT – NEVER shake your self-
winding watch to get it started. This can damage the movement.

P2 Winding Position
(for manually winding the watch)
To manually wind the watch:
Please unscrew the crown by turning it counterclockwise. It will gently "pop" when the crown has been completely unscrewed.
The crown is now in Position 2 (P2).
With the crown in Position 2 (P2) please gently turn the crown 30 - 50 times in a clockwise direction. This will sufficiently wind the movement so that it has sufficient power to begin wearing.
Now that you have manually wound the watch, your normal wrist and arm
movements will continue to generate power reserve in the watch, literally "self-winding" it. When fully-wound, your Heinrich watch should have an average power reserve of 38 hours.

P3 Date Setting Position
To set the date:
Gently pull the crown once to Position 3 (P3) and turn it clockwise to adjust the date.
In months with fewer than 31 days, you will need to manually advance the date at the end of the month.
IMPORTANT - Please do not manually change the date when the hour hand is between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The automatic date function of the watch is
actively engaged during this four hour period (the pinions are being repositioned to carry out the automatic date change), and
by manually engaging the date while the hour hand in this four hour period it is possible to damage the self-winding movement.

Gently pull the crown to the outermost position (P4) and turn it counterclockwise until you have the correct time. Gently push
the crown towards the case until you feel some resistance. Still gently pushing the crown towards the case, turn the crown clockwise (do not apply excessive force!), until the crown is fully screwed down and in Position 1 (P1).

ALWAYS be sure that the crown is fully screwed down. Your watch will NOT be water-resistant if the crown is not completely screwed down and in position 1 (P1). Please note that improper use/operation of the crown will invalidate the warranty.