Are all models limited?

Yes, all watches are limited and numbered on the case back. The limitation is not based on marketing aspects such as artificial scarcity, but on the fact that as a small brand we have to decide whether to continue producing existing models or invest in the development of new models. As we have a lot of ideas, we usually decide in favor of developing new models.

Where can we see the watches?

Our focus is on direct sales online, as our watches would be significantly more expensive to sell through an additional brick-and-mortar retail network and our prices and margins are generally too low to maintain wholesale relationships with retail stores. Conversely, as a buyer, you get a lot of value that is primarily invested in the watch rather than in commissions or retail margins. However, we do have a few selected partners where parts of our collection are on display and can be tried on and purchased on site.

Can I return the watch if I don't like it?

If you are not satisfied with the watch, you have the right to return it within 14 days of receipt, provided the watch remains in its original condition (unworn, strap taped, no shortened strap or other signs of wear). You will receive your money back once we have received the watch. You are responsible for the costs of the insured return shipment to us. Revocation details

Is a pre-order debited immediately?

Yes, payment is also due immediately for pre-orders. However, pre-orders benefit from a price advantage due to the waiting period. After the pre-order phase, the watch will be more expensive.

Is there a guarantee on rate values?

Every watch is adjusted by our watchmaker in at least 4 test positions to ensure the best rate accuracy. In the case of an SW 200-1 in the Elaboré version, for example, to +/- 7 seconds/day. As a rule, we prefer to regulate our watches to plus values rather than minus. However, we cannot guarantee the rate values, as the rate values always depend on the individual wearing behavior. If you are dissatisfied with the rate values, we offer an optimization. We will cover 50% of the costs for this.

Can you shorten my strap directly before shipping if I specify the wrist circumference?
From experience, it has not always worked 100% with the strap shortening from a distance, because despite specifying the wrist circumference, each arm is individual or the information was simply not accurate.
We therefore ask you to shorten the strap yourself using the screwed links or to have it shortened quickly by a watchmaker.
In addition, the strap is glued and in the event that you do not like the watch, the strap would be classified as "used" and we would have to fit a new strap. We ask for your understanding.