We guarantee that our watches are made of high quality materials. We carry out a thorough inspection as to quality and function prior to delivery. As much as we want it, unfortunately, material defects cannot always be avoided. If your new watch has a material defect, please contact service@heinrich.watch within the warranty period.

We guarantee all material and manufacturing defects for 24 months from the date of purchase. This manufacturer's guarantee is limited. The guarantee is based on the function of the movement and the perfect perception of the watch. Not covered are defects from wear and tear like e.g. scratches on glass or case or watch strap and everything that results from improper handling (accidents, glass breakage, water damage, water damage with unscrewed crown, torn out crown). Any defects due under the guarantee will be dealt with by us free of charge. If the watch cannot be repaired, the watch will be replaced by a comparable model.

In the case of a guarantee, contact us by email at service@heinrich.watch, we will then take the next steps.