We guarantee that our watches are made of high quality materials. Elaborate quality controls guarantee that the watch has been tested before shipment. Nevertheless, material defects can unfortunately not always be excluded. If your new watch is not free of defects, please contact us within the warranty period at [email protected]

We provide a warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase on all material and manufacturing defects. The warranty covers the function of the movement and the flawless workmanship of the watch. Not covered by the warranty are wear and tear on the case, glass or watchband, as well as damage caused by improper use (accident, glass breakage, water damage, water ingress when the crown is not screwed in, crown torn out) as well as points that lie within tolerance ranges and do not affect the function. Within the warranty, defects will be repaired by us free of charge. If the watch cannot be repaired, the watch will be replaced by a comparable model. Liability for incidental and consequential damages is excluded.

In case of warranty contact us via e-mail at [email protected]
We will then take the further steps.